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Mouth Guards

SafeJawz  Single Mouthguard for Upper & Lower Brace Protection

SafeJawz ® Single Mouthguard for Upper & Lower Brace Protection

Ortho Series is a unique solution offering protection for the upper and lower braces in one comfortable mouthguard.
Difficulties talking and breathing during sports can now be a thing of the past.

Fluid Fit TM technology means that SAFEJAWZ mouthguards feature a super slim profile and will clip on to the teeth for a comfortable fit so that breathing and speech will not be a problem.

Remodel Tech TM allows the wearer to remodel multiple times as and when teeth move with orthodontic treatment ensuring the best fit at all times. Remodel Tech TM is a trademark exclusive to SAFEJAWZ.

Jaw Secure TM offers a pre-contoured base which can also assist with stabilising the jaw and protecting the bottom set of teeth.

LOWERBLOK TM - Lower Brace Protection
BRACEHARBOUR TM - Upper Brace Channel

Ice Blue, Crystal Clear, Ice Pink

Price: 23.29

Opro Upper Self-Fit Mouthguard

Opro® Upper Self-Fit Mouthguard

Superior Protection

* Self-Fit Mouthguard
* Durable outer layer for superior impact protection
* Revolutionary designed brace bumper and unique shortened fins for accurate fit
* Air spacers for maximum cushioning and procection
* Handle for easy fitting
* Unlike other ‘boil and bite’ type mouthguards, OPRO® patented design offers unprecedented comfort and fit.
* Integrated posterior buffer pads and OPROfin stabilisers offer unrivalled protection against oro-facial impacts and protect the temperomandibular joint from traumatic injury.
* OPROshield patented multi-layer construction, posterior buffer pads and OPROfins absorb shock and help protect against concussion.
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Red, Black, Pink, Dark Blue

Price: 25.31

Totalgard Sportsguard - Each *(inc free large brace case)

Totalgard Sportsguard - Each *(inc free large brace case)

Designed by an Orthodontist, Totalgard is an easy-to-wear Sportsguard, that fits over upper and lower fixed braces, providing protection to lips, cheeks and teeth during contact sports.

Available in seven colours and three sizes:
Small age up to 9, Medium age 9 up to 12, Large age 13+

Red, Green, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink , Purple and Clear

Price: 7.87

Double Guard Mouth Guard *

Double Guard Mouth Guard *

Orthodontic mouthguards for patients wearing fixed appliances. Double Guards protect both patient and appliance. The loose fit ensures no interference with bracket movement. Comfortable soft plastic will not impinge on soft tissue. No rubbery taste. The spring action hinge adapts to any occlusion, and prevents dislodging.

Available in junior or standard

Please note we are temporarily out of stock of this item

Price: 8.93

StressGard Night Guard - Each *

StressGard Night Guard - Each *

Teeth grinding and clenching night guard.
StressGard can help put an end to the pain!
It's Simple... It's Inexpensive... It's EFFECTIVE!
Teeth Clenching & Grinding: Teeth grinding and clenching relief has arrived with this comfortable nightguard...
The StressGard is uniquely designed by an orthodontist with a patented flexible groove to help you deal with the daily stress and tension that may cause you to clench and grind. Simply place it between your teeth and you begin to learn to break the cycle of overactive (clenching) jaw muscles. You learn to relax your jaw thereby reducing the harmful effects commonly associated with bruxism (grinding teeth).

No boiling or moulding needed.

Please note that this product isn't suitable for people less than 18 years of age.

Price: 11.88