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Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup when you spend 30 or more, just add the cup from the link in your basket and select the colour you want.
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Offering the orthodontic patient easy access to orthodontic homecare products, to help maintain and improve their oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment and beyond
Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup

Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup

Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup when you spend £30 or more, just add the cup from the link in your basket after you have ordered more than £30 and then select the colour you want.

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Best Sellers

Totalgard Sportsguard - Each *(inc free large brace case)

Totalgard Sportsguard - Each *(inc free large brace case)


Designed by an Orthodontist, Totalgard is an easy-to-wear Sportsguard, that fits over upper and lower fixed braces, providing protection to lips, cheeks and teeth during contact sports.

Available in seven colours and three sizes:
Small age up to 9, Medium age 9 up to 12, Large age 13+

Red, Green, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink , Purple and Clear

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Re-Usable Travel Cup

Re-Usable Travel Cup


If you Order £30 or more, just add this cup to your basket after choosing which colour you'd like and you won't be charged for it.

Collapsible Silicone Coffee Cup made of food grade silicone and PP

* Holds 12 oz/355 ml
* Quickly Collapses from 48mm and Expands to 127mm
* Breaks down for easy cleaning
* Dishwasher & microwave safe
* Made from safe, recyclable materials
* FDA food grade silicone cup and stopper
* Polypropylene lid and integrated heat sleeve
* No BPAs, No Phthalates, No glues, No lead

Sold individually

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Double Guard Mouth Guard *

Double Guard Mouth Guard *


Orthodontic mouthguards for patients wearing fixed appliances. Double Guards protect both patient and appliance. The loose fit ensures no interference with bracket movement. Comfortable soft plastic will not impinge on soft tissue. No rubbery taste. The spring action hinge adapts to any occlusion, and prevents dislodging.

Available in junior or standard

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ComfortBrace TM Pack of 24 Orthodontic Protective Strips

ComfortBrace TM Pack of 24 Orthodontic Protective Strips


No More Painful Irritation From Braces!
Relieves Discomfort Immediately!

ComfortBrace is a clear, thin protective strip with maximum adhesion that will allow patient wearing braces to eat, drink and sleep with 24 hour protection.

ComfortBrace Protective Strips can be trimmed with scissors (before peeling off backing) for a perfect custom length for your braces!

The strip adhesive is moisture activated, easy to apply and can be worn as long as needed.
Patients simply moisten teeth and braces with saliva or water before applying the ComfortBrace strip.

When applying, start at the edge of the teeth, over the braces and onto the gum line. Rub the strip and edges so that it conforms around the brackets and wire.

All of the ingredients are completely safe for you and your teeth!

When applied properly, ComfortGard is safe to use while sleeping and with most food and drink. They should always be removed when brushing teeth as micro food particles can remain under the edges.

* Please note that these ComfortBrace Strips have a mint flavour.

Sold in a pack of 24 Strips

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