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Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup when you spend 30 or more, just add the cup from the link in your basket and select the colour you want.
Order over 30 for FREE delivery (UK only)

Welcome to Orthoshop Web Site!

Offering the orthodontic patient easy access to orthodontic homecare products, to help maintain and improve their oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment and beyond
Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup

Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup

Receive a FREE Re-usable Cup when you spend £30 or more, just add the cup from the link in your basket after you have ordered more than £30 and then select the colour you want.

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Best Sellers

Swirl Plus Daily Fluoride Mouthrinse - 500ml

Swirl Plus Daily Fluoride Mouthrinse - 500ml


+ Free Orthodontic Brush

New and improved formula with added -
Cetylpyridinium Chloride
Aloe Vera

* Same Great Refreshing Flavour
* Alcohol Free
* 0.05% Sodium Fluoride

'Swirl is a registered trademark'

Please click on the image for more information

Sold individually

Please note that we are temporarily out of stock of this product

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Re-Usable Travel Cup

Re-Usable Travel Cup


If you Order £30 or more, just add this cup to your basket after choosing which colour you'd like and you won't be charged for it.

Collapsible Silicone Coffee Cup made of food grade silicone and PP

* Holds 12 oz/355 ml
* Quickly Collapses from 48mm and Expands to 127mm
* Breaks down for easy cleaning
* Dishwasher & microwave safe
* Made from safe, recyclable materials
* FDA food grade silicone cup and stopper
* Polypropylene lid and integrated heat sleeve
* No BPAs, No Phthalates, No glues, No lead

Sold individually

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OrthoDots ® Clear

OrthoDots  Clear


OrthoDots are made of a transparent medical-grade silicone and contain a proprietary moisture-activated adhesive layer, so there is no need to dry brackets before applying. OrthoDots are 20 times more pliable than leading dental wax, and also stay on longer. They are safe to use while eating and drinking.
* Relieves irritation from braces
* Moisture activated
* Stays on longer than dental wax

Sold in a box of 12 OrthoDots

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Platypus Orthodontic Flosser

Platypus Orthodontic Flosser


The easiest way to floss with braces

EASY! - Single-handed flossing that fits easily under archwires and between brackets

FAST! - Floss your entire mouth in less than 2 minutes

CONVENIENT! - Floss and toss, fights bad breath anywhere, anytime

EFFECTIVE! - Flossing with braces is essential for avoiding periodontal disease and tooth decay. Increases flossing compliance up to 80%

# 1 Recommended Orthodontic Flossers in the USA

Click on the above image to see how it works

30 flossers per bag

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