Ortho Ready Brush - Each

Ortho Ready Brush - Each

Got braces but want convenience? This pre-pasted toothbrush solves the problem! It is treated with powdered toothpaste which is activated when it gets wet.

Ortho ReadyBrush (TM) is FOR BRACES. It is "v-cut" which means that the bristles in the middle of the brush are cut shorter than the bristles at the ends - so it does an excellent job at cleaning both your teeth and your braces when you brush.

This deluxe, upscale toothbrush has one application of real toothpaste powder bonded right in to the bristles at a molecular level, so it’s never flaky. The bristles are made of soft, high-quality DuPont Tynex. Gripper bumps are built into the handle for extra comfort. It complies with all airline regulations and restrictions.

The toothpaste has a nice fresh minty taste. In fact, this toothbrush is so nice, you’ll hate to throw it out -- and you don’t have to! You can re-use it with any type of toothpaste for a month or two!

Ortho Readybrush is the best pre-pasted disposable toothbrush for braces on the market today! Each Ortho ReadyBrush for braces is individually foil wrapped.